Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garage Sale! Rock Show!

It has been awhile since Mr. Scottie Fold has updated this thing (what a lazy cat blogger). Nonetheless, contributions have been coming in, and we want to extend a sincere THANKS to all contributors. We'd like to keep up the fundraising momentum, so please continue to spread the word, direct people to the PayPal link, etc.

There's a great fundraising event that's going on in Bellingham, Washington, next month. Amanda Kalfwarf is organizing it, so here's the info. from her:

Hello all friends of Colleen!
or friends of friends of Colleen,
or people who need to get rid of things,
or people who want to buy other people's things,
or those who like to do things for a good cause in general:

I'm just putting the word out that we will be having a HUGE garage sale at the end of August where all benefits will go to Colleen Malone's medical bills.

Do you want to help out? Make signs? Put up signs? Place newspaper ads (the free kind)? Do you have things you'd like to donate? Would you be willing to work it? Any other helpful ideas or contributions to the cause?

Colleen is a peach, and it would amazing if we could all rally together as a town and help her make the slightest dent in her bills. Clean out yr closets! Grab those mugs/books/trinkets/shoes/stereos/chairs you never use and get them ready to sell!

Call me or send a MySpace message. Whatevs.

P.S. Thank you Crystal for thinking of this.


Also, Chicagoans!—Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 23rd. Nate Kinsella is organizing a benefit show for Colleen at AV-aerie. The show will include Make Believe, Head of Skulls!, and another band (tba). More details forthcoming. It's guaranteed to RUUUUUUUULE!

Happy end o' July. Check back soon.

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