Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome, Friends of Colleen

This spring, our dear friend—the wonderful Colleen Malone—was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She recently underwent a pretty aggressive operation to remove her thyroid and lymph nodes along the sides of her neck. She is currently undergoing radiation therapy near her parents' home—five sessions of radiation per week for six weeks.

We are raising funds to support Colleen during this time of intensive treatment and steadily growing medical bills. Unfortunately, she is currently without health insurance, so her bills are substantial. In addition to medical bills, she has other expenses—i.e., rent for her apt., phone bills, and frequent travel to and from Chicago. These bills are mounting, as she hasn't been able to work for the past few months. Fortunately, she has an amazing, far-reaching community of friends, and we'd like to come together to help ease this financial burden and just generally show Colleen we love her!

If you're interested in donating money (any amount welcome), please click on the PayPal link to the left. We'll be checking the account regularly and transferring money to Colleen. If you prefer to write a check, you can send it to Laura Pearson or Sara O'Neill-Kohl.

Just email us, and we'll send you our addresses.




Other sorts of contributions are also welcome! e.g., cards for Colleen, books, mixed tapes, photos of Scottish Fold kittens, etc. (the latter is particularly encouraged). If you would like her contact info., please email us.

Spread the word and stay tuned for updates. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed.